As ASEAN marks a half-century, it can help lead the way to Planet 50-50 by 2030

JAKARTA, Indonesia, 18 April 2017: As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations approaches its 50th anniversary this year, a momentous milestone, the region is at a crossroads more than ever on several fronts, including the rights, health and wellbeing of millions of women and girls. Read

28 Juta Perempuan Mengalami Kekerasan



JAKARTA, Indonesia: 31 Maret 2017 — Satu dari tiga perempuan Indonesia berusia 15­-64 tahun atau sekitar 28 juta orang pernah mengalami kekerasan fisik atau kekerasan seksual oleh pasangan dan selain pasangannya. Dalam satu tahun terakhir, 8,2 juta perempuan atau 9,4 persen mengalami kekerasan fisik dan seksual. Demikian hasil Survei Pengalaman Hidup Perempuan Nasional (SPHPN) 2016 yang dilakukan Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS).  Read

Survey finds widespread violence against women

The Jakarta Post   JAKARTA, Indonesia, March 31, 2017: A nationwide survey has revealed that at least one third of women in the country have experienced violence in their lives, inflicted mostly by their spouses and those who are closest to them. Read

Rebuilding ties with Islamic leaders needed for FP revitalization

JAKARTA, Indonesia, 27 March 2017: The active role of various elements of the society, including Islamic leaders has contributed meaningfully to Indonesia’s success in promoting family planning (FP) in the past, resulting in improved maternal and child health, better wellbeing and welfare of families and nation. Rebuilding ties with Islamic leaders is needed to revitalize FP. Read

Investment in sexual & reproductive health is key to empower young people to protect their health & realize their full potential

YOGYAKARTA, 21 March 2017: At the four-day Youth Summit in Yogyakarta, starting on March 21, speakers called for strengthened youth empowerment and their active engagement in order to tap into their resourcefulness to address youth issues and end poverty. Read