Youth Booklet II

Realizing Young People’s Potential in Indonesia: The Path to a Brighter Future. Download


Annual Report 2014

This annual report showcases UNFPA Indonesia’s results in enhancing policy dialogue, advocacy, knowledge creation and capacity development in 2014. Download

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Celebrating International Youth Day

Encouraging the government and civil-society organizations to speak to youth rather than speak for youth was one of the key messages during UNFPA Indonesia’s International Youth Day seminar in Jakarta on Friday, 14 August.

Sharing the History of Indonesia’s Family Planning Programme

The third training course on Strategic Partnerships with Muslim Religious Leaders in Family Planning recently took place in Yogyakarta in early August, where 17 participants from across Asia and Africa learned how religious leaders played an instrumental role in Indonesia’s successful family planning (FP) programme. Read

Realizing Young People’s Potential: The Path to a Brighter Future

When Ayu Oktariani discovered that she was HIV positive in 2009, the mother-of-one refused to feel sorry for herself.“I was obviously surprised, but I didn’t get depressed,” explains the 28-year-old. “Instead, I was rather puzzled about it and wondered what I should do.” Read

Keeping Our Youth Healthy and Happy With Unala

For decades Indonesia was considered a pioneer in family planning and reproductive health. Large-scale initiatives funded by the government and supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) assisted women and families managing their health long before a worldwide movement was established in the 1990s.  Read

Statement of the UNFPA Executive Director for International Youth Day

Today, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, commemorates International Youth Day, under the theme, “Youth Civic Engagement,” by celebrating the actions young people around the world take to improve their well-being and that of their communities. Read