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6 July 2010

One million female condoms for 2010

Since 2005, UNFPA has launched the Global Condom Initiative which works in 72 countries to increase both the demand for, and the supply of, condoms at the national level. In carrying out this... Read more

22 June 2009

Public debate of the Indonesia Medium–term Plan 2010-2014: Population and Family Planning Issues

(From left): UNFPA Representative Dr. Zahidul Huque, Head of BKKBN Dr. Sugiri Syarief and Chairperson of Demographic Institute-University of Indonesia Dr. Sonny Harmadi. Jakarta,... Read more

7 May 2009

Women's and rights activitists to continuously work to end sunat perempuan

"Female circumcision or sunat perempuan tradition reflect gender inequality that is often influenced by culture, political and social values and so it’s very difficult to eliminate,” said Ms.... Read more

25 January 2006

Ibu Epon weaves fancy objects and economic empowerment for women in remote Sukarindik village of Tasikmalaya

West Java, INDONESIA - Using plants available abundantly in Tasikmalaya district and generation-old, traditional weaving skills, Ibu Epon (63) has been making fancy handycraft and at the same time... Read more

5 January 2006

UNFPA Supports MTV Staying Alive Campaign 2006

Youth makes up about 30 percent of the Indonesian population. The 1997 economic crisis exposed local youth to greater challenges that led to increased number of school drop out, unemployment,... Read more

11 July 2005

2005 World Population Day

JAKARTA, 11 July 2005 - Gender discrimination occurs in various layers of society and the existing child preference among Indonesian couples proves that it starts very early in life. Sadly, women... Read more

7 April 2005

Mini grant unites the community to support pregnant women and saves lives

JAKARTA, 07 April 2005 - Knowing the signs of high risk pregnancies and helping pregnant women reach a nearby community health centers (puskesmas), equipped with minimum obstetric care on time are... Read more

18 March 2005

Gender Sensitive Approach needed to help victims, end violence againts Women

“Have any of you ever experienced violence against women?” she asked.  “NOOO!!!” the crowd replied almost in unison.  “Superb, couples here really care for each other,” the wife of the... Read more