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25 July 2018

Meeting the Rights of Women in Family Planning is Key to the Advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals

Addressing the reproductive health rights of women and families, and specifically meeting their need for family planning is key for the advancement of the sustainable development goals. This was the main issue discussed during a seminar on “Family Planning is a human right” that was organized jointly by BKKBN and UNFPA today.

13 July 2018

The Indonesian Youth Development Index 2017: Strategic Investment of the Indonesian Government in Developing the Potential of Young People in Indonesia

Kementerian PPN/Bappenas, Jakarta, 13 July 2018 - Youth development is an important strategic agenda for Indonesia in order to prepare for a strong future generation to play leading roles in the further development of the nation, according to the Indonesian Youth Development Index 2017, published today by the Ministry of

11 July 2018

Family planning is a human right

Family planning is a human right   MESSAGE FOR WORLD POPULATION DAY  Dr. Natalia Kanem Executive Director UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund     11 July 2018     Fifty years ago, the world declared that “parents have a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and the spacing of their children


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In 2008, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia developed a programme for...


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