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REQUEST FOR QUOTATION - RFQ Number UNFPA/IDN/RFQ/21/006 - Provision of Anatomical Models



The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an international development agency, hereby solicits a quotation for the following items:



Product Name*



Anatomical model for implant:

 MODELARM: Subcutaneous Implant Training Arm

8 sets


Extra Latex skins

20 pcs


Anatomical model for IUD:

Desk Top I.U.D. Trainer - Female Pelvic Organs I

8 sets


Anatomical model for IUD/Minilaparotomy:

Gynecologic Simulator

8 sets


Anatomical model for Vasectomy:

No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) Simulator

8 sets


Extra scrotal skins

20 pcs


Extra Vas Deferens

20 pcs


Anatomical model for IUD:

IUD Insertion Trainer Uterus

8 sets

*details specification is described in Annex 2


Your company is hereby invited to submit quotation for the requested items.


This Request for Quotation is open only to legally-constituted companies that located in Indonesia (local companies) that specialized in the business of medical devices (alat kesehatan) and/or produced anatomical models in the past.


Description of items and requirements as stated in the attached RFQ document.