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The unavailability of contraceptive services in a health crisis heightened the vulnerabilities of women, especially in crisis situations. In crisis situations unintended pregnancies and the incidence of death and disability are related to complications of pregnancy and childbirth will increase. Under the leadership of the BKKBN, UNFPA has previously supported the development of a key document, the General Guideline on Contraceptive Services in Health Crisis after Disaster. In order to have handy and practical guidance, another key document, the Technical Guideline on Contraceptive Services in Health Crisis after Disaster was developed in close consultation with related stakeholders to meet the national and sub-national needs. This Technical Guideline covers practical steps for the stakeholders to take to ensure the availability of contraceptive services during the disaster preparedness phase, crisis response phase, as well as coordinated transition back to routine services to minimize the disruption in family planning services.