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The Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) in Indonesia is higher than those of neighboring countries in ASEAN. It is estimated that 20,000 women die from complications of pregnancy or childbirth per fi ve million births each year. According to a UNDP report, the risk of maternal death in Indonesia is 1 in 65 mothers, compared to 1 in
1,100 mothers in Thailand. To reduce maternal death, it is necessary to examine the causes of maternal death. Much information on the causes of death has been obtained, but this has not been adequately analyzed by region, despite the disparities among regions. Such information is very important because different health statuses require different interventions. Therefore, the National Institute of Health Research and Development (Balitbangkes), under the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with BPS-Statistics Indonesia and University of Indonesia conducted the SP2010 Follow-up Study and Review Maternal Mortality Determinant in fi ve regions in order to obtain information on the causes of maternal deaths.