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In disaster situations, adolescents are vulnerable but they can also be agents of change. Adolescents have dynamic, highly motivated, energetic, creative and innovative characteristics. Based on these characters, adolescents should not only be targets but they can also be utilized as partners in health crisis response. The involvement of adolescents is needed, which includes helping the affected population, assisting in data collection, distribution of aid, volunteering in evacuation etc. In particular, adolescents can support the implementation of the Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) for adolescent reproductive health in disaster situations (MISP for adolescents).

This handbook provides a detailed guide as to how adolescents can be engaged in health crisis responses to support the implementation of the MISP for adolescents. This includes information on youth involvement, types of activities and time of implementation, experience of youth involvement from other countries, youth networks that already exist in Indonesia as potential partners as well as tools for monitoring and evaluation.