Working Towards UNFPA Indonesia's Next Country Programme

11 August 2015

With UNFPA Indonesia nearing the end of its Eighth Country Programme (2011-2015), preparations are underway to finalize the Fund’s next set of outcomes and targets in its next five-year cycle in partnership with the Government of Indonesia.


While the Executive Board of UNFPA will make the final decision in September on the next Country Programme (CP9) for the period of 2016-2020 – which is in line with the agency’s strategic plan for 2014-2017, the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) for 2015-2019 and the UNPDF for 2016-2020 –representatives from fellow UN agencies and other development partners were recently invited to view the draft CP9 to provide feedback and discuss possible opportunities to collaborate.  


UNFPA Indonesia Representative Mr. Jose Ferraris opened the informal meeting on Friday, 7 August. Chaired by UNFPA Assistant Representative Ms. Martha Santoso Ismail, the meeting included presentations from the Fund’s National Programme Officers. Representatives from UNAIDS, UNICEF, WHO, UN WOMEN and the office of the UNRC were also in attendance, along with representatives from the Swedish and Norwegian Embassies.


UNFPA 9th country programme will focus on four outcomes: Sexual and  reproductive health; Adolescents and youth; Gender equality and women’s empowerment; and Population dynamics.


All representatives from UN Agencies and Embassies were pleased to have close cooperation in the implementation of the UNFPA 9th Country Programme, 2016-2020.