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UNFPA fosters leadership of Young People at a forum in Semarang

SEMARANG, Central Java, 18 May 2013: Close collaboration among Indonesian youth is needed to increase youth participation in development, according to UNFPA Indonesia Youth Advocate, Angga Dwi Martha at the 2-day Future Leaders Summit 2013 in Semarang.


"Currently 43% of the total population in the world is youth. While in Indonesia, 33% of the total populations are young people. That means there are currently 62 million expectations, there are 62 million hands that are ready to help development, and there are 62 million solutions that can be offered," said Martha.


UNFPA is one of the UN agencies that promote the involvement of young people in development. The Fund-supported Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) ensures youth leadership and participation in development and the implementation of youth-driven programmes, including in sexual and reproductive health. The YAP is engaged in highlighting youth issues on an international and national scale. This is achieved through participation in international forums – such as the Global Youth Forum in December 2012 and the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons for the Post-2015 Development Agenda in March 2013 – and in national fora, including the Future Leaders Summit (FLS) in May 2013. 






The Future Leaders Summit, an annual event, was this year themed “Integrating Youth Action for Nation”. The FLS, organized in cooperation with students and local youth communities, brought together some 300 youth.


"We want to create a place for youth to gather, discuss, inspire each other and build relationships. In addition, we hope that this activity can motivate Indonesian youth to come up with initiatives that stimulate constructive change,” said FLS Project Officer, Muhammad Ibnu Sina.


Six issues were explored during the FLS, including the environment, business development, education, art & culture, health care, and human rights. The participants also attended various activities, such as the Semarang City Tour, Networking Night, Youth Fair and the Grand Summit. 






During the Networking Night, UNFPA Youth Advocate, Angga Dwi Martha, informed the participants on the importance of youth involvement and leadership in development. The following day, UNFPA participated in the Youth Fair and shared information about UNFPA mandates and programme activities related to young people, including population and development, gender equality and prevention of violence and adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights.


"It’s exciting. I can learn about population issues, its link to development and how youth can also play a role in it," said Rizka, one of the FLS 2013 participants.***

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