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The issue of population dynamics and its correlation with climate change has been recognized by UNFPA as one of the emerging issue in the context of its Population & Development programme. However, as of today population dynamics have yet to be integrated into Indonesia’s climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.


As a first step in shedding the light to the issue, on May 2011 UNFPA Indonesia commissioned Dr. Adrian Hayes from the Australian National University (ANU), also an expert in climate change and development, to conduct a report on the linkages between population dynamics and climate change in Idnonesia. The report was meant to “make the case” that population dynamics needs to be taken into account for Indonesia’s own climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies; failure to do so will result in dire consequences.


As part of Dr. Hayes’ consultancy, on August 2011, Bogor, a Roundtable Discussion was held to give Dr. Hayes a chance to disseminate his report in front of an audience that represented various stakeholders from both climate change and population fields. The Roundtable Discussion was also held to allow exchange of perspective and technical views from expert stakeholders.

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