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PALU, Central Sulawesi, 10 December 2018: Around 400 displaced women and youth participated in the peak event of 16 Days Campaign, called the Whistle Carnival. The event started with a bazaar, selling products made by displaced women who received support from UNFPA-supported Women Friendly Space. “It’s wonderful to see the displaced women’s performance; they sing and dance and sell snacks, fabrics and crafts they produce themselves. This reflects their strong desire to move on and rebuild their lives and their communities,” said UNFPA Gender Specialist Risya Kori.

Head of Palu Office for Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, Maya Malania Noor, expressed her hope that displaced women could continue to access the support they need for their wellbeing, channel their creativities and engage in productive activities.

The event also featured live music and special performace by artist-activist Melanie Subono and special dance by 100 displaced women with whistle and torch, two simple objects that are used for prevention of GBV in IDPs camps.

“When women feel that there is a threat of violence, they can blow their whistles to get help. It’s simple and effective; and are included in UNFPA individual hygiene kit,” UNFPA Officer for Prevention of GBV in Emergency, Soka Handinah explained.

The peak event was designed as part of UNFPA-supported psychosocial support at the Women Friendly Space run by Libu Foundation and KPKPST NGOs promoting women’s rights and empowerment.