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PALU, Central Sulawesi, 1 December 2018: At the 2018 World AIDS Day peak event, around 800 youths from dozens of youth groups in Palu, Sigi and Donggal districts in Central Sulawesi gather at the Vatulemo Park to voice “Youth Declaration.” The Declaration is a compilation of their collective ideas for integration of youth rights and involvement into the post disaster effort.

The Youth Declaration was read in front of the Provincial Secretary, Hidayat Lamakarate; Head of Provincial Health Office, dr. Reny Arniwaty Lamadjido; UNFPA Representative, Dr. Annette Sachs Robertson; and Central PKBI Executive Director, RR Satyawanti.

In their opening messages, Ms Satyawanti and Mr Lamadjido stressed the need for strengthened cooperation to address HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination that hamper youth from enjoying good health and wellbeing. Dr. Robertson called for improved youth involvement to tap into their resourcefulness in emergencies and development, while Mr. Lamakarate said he supported youth activities and that their initiatives will be heard and accommodated in the provincial development effort.


We, Youth of Palu, Sigi, Donggala in Central Sulawesi,

  • Value diversity and tolerance
  • Reject any forms of violence, stigma and discrimination
  • Aspire for a youth-friendly temporary shelter
  • Urge the government to provide access to comprehensive reproductive health knowledge and services
  • Urge the government to support and involve us to rebuild Palu, Sigi, Donggala

The 2018 WAD peak event, called Moving On: Youth Campaign on HIV-AIDS features dances, youth reproductive health services, counselling and special performances by Project Qiu and Lala Karmela. Project Qiu and Lala Karmela did field visits to RH Clinics/Tents and Women Friendly Spaces to sing and have a discussion with displaced women and youth. “It’s a valuable experience to be able to meet and talk to displaced people. Despite the hardship, they continue their chores with smiles on their faces. They show the strength to keep going. The psychosocial support at the Women’s Friendly allows women to talk to release sadness and girls can sing and dance. Such support helps them to stay strong. It’s wonderful to see,” said I Kid from Project Qiu.