Capturing Indonesia's Emerging Population Issues

7 August 2015

As a part of its technical support to evidence-based advocacy and policy advice during the 8th country programme, UNFPA Indonesia is currently finalizing the draft monographs to capture the country’s current emerging population issues on internal migration, urbanization and gender.


Representatives from the Government of Indonesia from the Ministry of Health, the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN), BPS-Statistics Indonesia, the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), the National Commission on Violence Against Women, the National Commission on Child Protection and from civil-society organizations, UN agencies and academics, took part in the two-day validation workshops held on 5-6 August 2015.


Over the last few years UNFPA has been supporting the Government of Indonesia in utilizing the 2010 Population Census and other official statistics to inform debate and policy. One of these activities has been to support the production of thematic monographs focused on emerging population and development issues.


To date, two monographs have gone through validation exercises and have been successfully disseminated, the Youth and Ageing Monographs.


Dr. Ghazy Mujahid and Dr. Sukamdi developed the monograph for Internal Migration while Dr. Gavin Jones and Mr. Wahyu Mulyana developed the monograph on Urbanization.


“Internal migration is important for development planning in a number of sectors, particularly housing, labour markets, health, education, transport and communications as well as for ensuring good governance,” explained UNFPA Indonesia’s Representative Mr. Jose Ferraris during his opening address in Jakarta.


“Indonesia is also currently experiencing urbanization at a fast rate - with about half of its population now living in urban areas, and the number projected to increase to 68 percent by 2025,” he added.  


The monograph on Gender was developed by Dr. Soedarti Surbakti and Dr. Theresa Devasahayam, which they presented to the room for discussion.


IMG 6697

Dr. Soedarti Surbakti and Dr. Theresa Devasahayam developed a monograph on gender in Indonesia.


“Policy makers need to have a good understanding of the gender inequalities that currently exist – along with the consequences of that inequality for both women themselves, and for Indonesia’s development,” said Mr. Ferraris during the validation meeting.


“This is where the monograph on gender can help – by painting a clear picture of the gender inequity that exists in Indonesia, along with gender trends that are likely to occur over the next few years.”


Mr. Ferraris added that the issues and recommendations that the monograph highlights will be hugely beneficial for future planning – and will enable policy drivers to create gender-sensitive policies that complement development aims.