Taking Advantage of The Demographic Dividend in Indonesia: A Brief Introduction to Theory and Practice

No. of pages: 24

Publication date: 2015

Author: UNFPA

A population’s changing age structure can, under certain conditions, provide a powerful stimulus to economic growth and family welfare. The current demographic conditions in Indonesia are ripe for taking advantage of such a “demographic bonus” or “demographic dividend” in fact, favourable conditions have been in place for some timthat certain supporting conditions and policies are in place and operating effectively. It is important that implementation of the new Five- Year Development Plan 2015-2019 be consistent with these requirements.e but the window of opportunity will start to close after another decade or so. “The demographic dividend refers to the accelerated economic growth that begins with changes in the age structure of a country’s population as its transitions from high to low birth and death rates” (Gribble and Bremner 2012:2).