A Private Sector-led Initiative using a Social Franchising Model of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Youth in Yogyakarta - Indonesia

No. of pages: 3

Publication date: 15 July 2014

Author: UNALA

The young people of today hold the key to tomorrow. There are currently 65 million youth in Indonesia, comprising 33% of the population. In Yogyakarta, young people represent 24% of the population, a total of around 835,000 people. During the next 15 years, they will drive economic and social change. It is within UNFPA's mandate to promote the empowerment and well-being of young people and to ensure their safe transition to adulthood. To do so, we need to enhance young people's participation and secure their rights to education, work opportunities and health, including sexual and reproductive health (SRH). Ensuring universal access to SRH is the cornerstone to the empowerment of young people. Enabling young people to make choices about their SRH has tremendous bearing on all aspects of their lives - their health, education, employment and participation in society.