Farewell to Our Country Representative

16 October 2015

As the UNFPA Indonesia Representative finishes the final chapter of his career with the Fund in the archipelago, colleagues and representatives from development partners, government ministries, non-governmental agencies and academics have bid farewell to Mr. Jose Ferraris in the lead-up to his final day.


Ms. Nina Sardjunani, the former Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Culture from the National Planning and Development Agency (Bappenas), thanked Mr. Ferraris for “nurturing the cooperation between UNFPA and the Government of Indonesia”.


“Without realising that time has gone by, we have gone through mostly good times when all of the programmes were implemented smoothly,” she said during a farewell speech. “There have been difficult times when we were confronted by new rules, which caused delays with implementing various programme. This was indeed frustrating for both of us, but your patience and constructive efforts helped us agree on the best way to work with these regulations.”


“Your commitment to strongly support the government to improve the wellbeing of our mothers, youth, girls and adolescents, reflects your professionalism. It is truly difficult to find a counterpart of your calibre. I do hope that our paths cross again so that we can still work together. Thank you Pak Pepe, a lot of Indonesians will always remember you.”


Yogyakarta’s HRH Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Mangkubumi first met Mr Ferraris during a World Population Day Event and said of their working relationship, that “it was great to meet him and know him”.


“Thanks for your big support in various activities in Yogyakarta. Have a good rest and a safe return to the Philippines. And don’t forget about us,” she said. 


Dr. Yohana Susana Yembise, the Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, thanked Mr. Ferraris for his commitment to improve gender equality in Indonesia.


“Thank you for your collaboration and commitment, particularly with the male involvement approach. I wish you a very happy retirement and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch.”


During a high-level farewell dinner, the former Minister of Health Dr. Nafsiah Mboi was the guest of honour and thanked Mr. Ferraris for his continued support for their programmes at the National AIDS Commission, where she once held the position of secretary, before moving to the Ministry of Health.


“Our work together on SRH-HIV linkages, maternal health, family planning, male involvement and adolescents and youth reproductive health have become cornerstones of existing programmes, and for that we are grateful,” explained Dr. Nafsiah.

Dr. Sugiri Syarief, the former chairperson of the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN), reflected on Mr. Ferraris’ good knowledge of Indonesian culture and Indonesian bureaucracy.



“Five years in Indonesia and Pak Pepe has been able to manage all of the population components and also build a strong network among them. Happy retirement!” Dr. Sugiri said in a farewell message.


Dr. Surya Chandra Surapaty, the current Chairperson of BKKBN, mentioned that although he hadn’t worked with Mr. Ferraris for long, he could see that he was highlight committed to helping Indonesia family planning and population agenda.


“To be honest, we feel lost with the d departure of Pak Pepe, but we do wish him success and that he can live peacefully in his retirement. Enjoy your retirement,” Dr. Surya Chandra said after Mr. Ferraris’ final FP2020 Country Committee Meeting.


Prof. Emil Salim from the Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Indonesia said he was “highly appreciative of Mr. Ferraris’ leadership”.


“Through UNFPA, Pak Pepe was tasked with resolving population problems within the context of sustainable development and it all happened because of his persistence, intelligence and wisdom to lead UNFPA. His efforts are much appreciated,” Prof. Emil said.


Sri Danti Anwar, an expert from the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, has worked closely with Mr. Ferraris and the agency on the elimination of gender-based violence in several provinces.


“I think you are a very communicative and inspiring person, our work in Jakarta was very productive and very fruitful for all of us. I wish you all the best and I hope you can always remember your time working in Jakarta.”


Ms. Sri Moertiningsih Adioetomo, from the Demographic Institute at the University of Indonesia said it felt like only yesterday that she had met Mr. Ferraris.


“It’s so sad that Pak Pepe is leaving. I have learnt a lot from you and I enjoy working wit you. It’s like expanding my horizon when working with you,” she said.


Ms. Ninuk Widyantoro, from The Women’s Health Foundation, reflected on Mr. Ferraris’ open views and kind-hearted personality.


“He is easily approachable and as the rep of UNFPA, his attention is not just to the ministries but also to NGOs. With his leadership, he always made sure that NGOs had access and were included.”


Prof. Gavin Jones from the Australian National University said “it had been great working with Pepe over the years”.


“We have done a few jobs together over the years. He’s such a warm person and I can see that he has the interests of Indonesia at heart,” Prof. Jones said in a farewell message.


Dr. Evi Arifin added that he was sad to see Mr. Ferraris leave Indonesia having worked with him since 2013.


“Thanks for all the opportunities to work together especially on Indonesia’s case on population dynamics and sustainable development. I think this is your legacy in the next 15 years for Indonesia,” he said.


Dr, Wendy Hartanto, the Deputy for Population Management at BKKBN, credited Mr. Ferraris for his “great contribution, especially in population development”.


While Prof. Prijono Tijiptoherijanto, Chairperson of the Indonesian Demographers Association (IPADI), thanked Mr. Ferraris for his leadership in Indonesia on behalf of the association.


“There are a lot of activities that Pak Pepe has carried out that will be useful for the development of Inodnesia. We hope that you continue to be successful in your next endeavours.”

During Mr. Ferraris’ last FP2020 Country Committee meeting in Jakarta, his fellow co-chair Ms. Zohra Balsara, the Health Office Deputy Director for USAID, thanked him for playing an instrumental part in bringing the committee together.


“We thank you for your hard work and dedication with Indonesia’s FP2020 Country Committee and we wish you a happy retirement,” she said.


Mr. Ferraris ended his five-year term in Indonesia’s UNFPA Country Office on Friday, 16 October.