The Monograph Series No. 2: Youth in Indonesia

26 September, 2015

Indonesia’s youth have the potential to contribute to an increasingly prosperous future for Indonesia and to make an impact on the world stage. Investing in youth education, health and wellbeing is an important focus for national development and this Youth in Indonesia monograph provides data and evidence about the situation of youth that will be used for the development of a National Youth Strategy in Indonesia.


This monograph aims to contribute to informed discussion and debate about some of the key areas in which youth-related policies are likely to be reviewed. It also provides a contemporary profile of the circumstances of youth in Indonesia today and how their circumstances have been changing over time.


Major areas of concern covered include their historic and future growth in number, as well as their levels of educational participation and attainment, labour force activities, patterns of family formation and other aspects vital to their individual wellbeing and to Indonesia’s future prosperity.

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