Placing development priority on 10-year old girls will benefit national development.

JAKARTA, 15 November 2016: At today’s social media campaign, Deputy for Population Control Management of the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN), Wendy Hartanto, said that greater attention should be given to ensuring the health, wellbeing and empowerment of girls aged 10 year old to build their potential. Read

Young People and the Road to 2030

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, celebrates International Youth Day by reaffirming and recognizing the central role of young people in promoting the well-being of their families, communities and nations. This year’s theme, “The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Production and Consumption,” couldn’t be more relevant and timely. Read

Investing in Women, Girls Pays Dividends

When investing in women and girls, everybody wins. That is the resounding message expected to come out of the Danish capital this week when Copenhagen hosts the largest international conference on women’s and girls’ rights, health and well-being yet to be held this millennium.  Read

Are you UNFPA's next YAP member?

UNFPA Indonesia is looking for the next batch of talented Indonesians to join their volunteer Youth Advisory Panel for the 2016-2018 period – to help collaborate, promote and strengthen youth participation and young people’s rights in line with UNFPA’s programme and activities.

Youth Leader Calls for Better Access to Family Planning Services

When Anggraini Sariastuti was 17 years old, she received her first marriage proposal. It wasn’t from her boyfriend – who seven years later is now her husband – but it was from his parents, simply requesting permission of her mum and dad. Read

Empowering Indonesia’s Next Generation of Youth

When UNFPA Indonesia recently asked people of all ages to share their messages of hope and aspirations for young people in eastern Indonesia, many mentioned the words creative, productive, inspiring and independent. Read

UNFPA Indonesia at the 7th Eastern Indonesia Forum Festival

Visitors to UNFPA in Indonesia's booth at the 7th Eastern Indonesia Forum Festival in Makassar from 17-18 November, shared their hopes and aspirations for the country's future youth generation. Take a look at what some of them had to say!  Read

Youth Decide, Unala Provide

Learning the basics of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) from a Hollywood film might not seem like the most conventional way to access facts about your body, but for some young Indonesians, this is just one of the options they are left with to access information about their health.

Reference Materials for Teachers on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Representatives from the Government, UN agencies, and religious, community and youth-led organizations recently came together to discuss the importance of providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education in Indonesia. Read

Celebrating International Youth Day

Encouraging the government and civil-society organizations to speak to youth rather than speak for youth was one of the key messages during UNFPA Indonesia’s International Youth Day seminar in Jakarta on Friday, 14 August.