Press release: UNFPA assists pregnant women displaced by Indonesian volcano

Tens of thousands of pregnant women are among the 320,000 people uprooted by two recent eruptions of Mount Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia. To protect their health, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, has provided medical supplies to four affected districts and is giving technical assistance in delivering reproductive health services. Read

Enlisting Shadow Puppets as Agents of Change in Indonesia

Finding ways to engage individuals and communities on issues of a very personal and sensitive nature, such as sexuality and family planning, can be a challenge, and traditional media can play a vital role in shaping opinions. In Indonesia, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, along with the National Family Planning Board, is using the popularity and power of wayang as a way to get people thinking about reproductive health and gender dynamics. Read

Ibu Epon weaves fancy objects and economic empowerment for women in remote Sukarindik village of Tasikmalaya

West Java, INDONESIA - Using plants available abundantly in Tasikmalaya district and generation-old, traditional weaving skills, Ibu Epon (63) has been making fancy handycraft and at the same time weaving close social bond and economic empowerment for women in her small village. Read

Mini grant unites the community to support pregnant women and saves lives

JAKARTA, 07 April 2005 - Knowing the signs of high risk pregnancies and helping pregnant women reach a nearby community health centers (puskesmas), equipped with minimum obstetric care on time are important to ensure safe pregnancy and childbirth. Read