Message of UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin on World Humanitarian Day

This World Humanitarian Day, we call for global solidarity and stand together with everyone affected by crisis. We unite as one humanity. Read

World’s First Humanitarian Summit Commits to Ensuring Sexual, Reproductive Health; Empowering Young People

ISTANBUL, 24 May 2016–The World Humanitarian Summit concluded here today with a demonstrated resolve to live up to the pledge to leave no one behind, including the more than 60 million displaced, and women, children and other groups in crises. Read

Protecting the Health Rights of Women and Girls in Emergencies

Lismiyatun was 35 weeks pregnant with her third child when Central Java’s Mount Merapi erupted in late October 2010.   Read

A Helping Hand at Any Age - Empowering Young People in Humanitarian Settings

Feni Anggraini believes that happiness is when you can share the feeling with others. Last year, when the student from Depok, West Java, was 18 years old, she became a volunteer to help the victims affected by the floods in South Jakarta. Read

Protecting Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies in Indonesia

Indonesia – one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries – needs to continue taking precautionary measures to protect its vulnerable population, particularly women, girls and youth – in times of natural disasters and emergencies, officials said on Monday.  Read

Protecting the Most Vulnerable, Ensuring Reproductive Health Needs Are Not Neglected

“How far along are you?” a midwife asks a pregnant woman, making a hand gesture over her stomach.
Without saying anything, the expectant mother puts up one hand.
“Five months,” repeats the aid worker, holding up her own hand in unison.
The woman nods.

From Tsunami Victim to Midwife Hero

The morning of 26 December, 2004, started out like any other regular Sunday for Nur Asiah. The mother-of-two was up early completing her chores, washing clothes in the outside bathroom of her parent-in-law’s house in a coastal village in the district of Aceh Jaya. Read

Indonesian Youth Leaders Help Define the Role of Young People in Humanitarian Settings

Bogor. Indonesia is prone to strong earthquakes, tsunami, floods, mudflow and landslides.  On 26 December 2004, Banda Aceh City, other parts of the Aceh province and small outlying islands of Sumatra suffered from a 9.1 magnitude Indian Ocean earthquake which resulted in a tsunami, killing around 225,000 people.  Read

South-South Cooperation: Lessons from the Philippines on the Roles and Needs of Young People in a Disaster

Tagaytay, 12 December 2014 - Young people require special attention in times of disaster. In the aftermath of a natural or human-made emergency, young people are at greater risk of sexual and gender-based violence, early marriage and exposure to STIs and HIV. Read

National Seminar Launches Two Publications for Better Use of Data in Disaster Management

Jakarta, 27 November 2014 - UNFPA Indonesia launched two new publications on data for disaster management at a national seminar in Jakarta on 27 November 2014, in collaboration with partners from the United Nations and the Government of Indonesia.  Read