The 2010-2014 RPJMN is a medium-term, inclusive national development strategy created by the GoI in consultation with stakeholders from civil society and private sectors. The RPJMN aims for wealth creation at all levels of society, based on equity, justice and diversity. It has a strong territorial dimension, placing emphasis on the development of regional capacities within an integrated national economy. RPJMN also promotes the development of human resources, talents and skills by focusing on improvements in access to and quality of education, health, social protection and living conditions for the most vulnerable. Special attention is given to South-South learning and knowledge exchange.


The 2005-2025 RPJPN is a long-term national development strategy that is collectively built and supported by five RPJMNs. The RPJPN serves as a framework and guidance for each of the RPJMN within the Plan’s 20-year span.


Download the complete RPJMN 2010-2014 here.